App Update v2.1: Timer Sync

App Update v2.1: Timer Sync

This is the biggest Flex Timer app update so far!

Flex Timer AppIn the latest version, we have added an in-app display for the time remaining/elapsed and current round/interval.  This display is available in both the mobile app and the smartwatch app and is synchronized with your LED timer.  Additionally, with an attached bluetooth HR monitor, the mobile app will showcase your heart rate and even change screen colors to match your level of effort.

Another much requested feature - the latest version allows you to run the timer sounds through your phone or tablet.  This way if the buzzer of the LED display is not suitable for your environment, you can instead hook up your mobile device with an external speaker or even use headphones.  The sounds optionally include a human voice telling you to 3..2..1...GO or buzzer tones instead.

Since the app now offers an in-app display of the timer, you can use the app in a standalone fashion without the LED display.  Great for those times when you are travelling or if you are a personal trainer or coach and prefer to monitor the in-app display while the athlete continues to use the LED display. 

With the the time synchronized across your smartwatch, smartphone/tablet and LED display(s), the latest version is just another reason to love your Flex Timer.

Additional Improvements

  • Improved management of external displays
  • Many new options to manage the in-app display
  • Rounds timer mode can now be set to run infinitely
  • Other minor bug fixes/improvements
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