Wave Goodbye to Clock Setup Stress

  • Large, clear LED display

    The 23" Gym Edition Flex Timer is equipped with 4.0" LED digits that are visible from anywhere in the room so your athletes are kept informed and motivated.

  • No restrictions on your programming

    With almost a dozen timer modes, our app has every structure you can think of covered so that your athlete's workouts are planned exactly as you want them to be.

  • Simple and straightforward timer setup

    Every timer mode has a simple configuration screen so you can setup your timer, preview your workout, and then start it and forget it.

  • Save time and plan ahead

    Save time by programming your sessions days in advance. Then your coaches have nothing to do but open up the app, tap and go.

  • Never miss a work/rest cue again

    Start/end of round cues sync seamlessly alongside your loudest pump up jams. Our app automatically fades the music volume to ensure your class never misses a cue again.

  • Wirelessly link multiple timers

    For large facilities, wirelessly link multiple displays together through out your space and control them all from a single mobile device.

It's About Time

Optimize and improve your group fitness classes today!