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Flex Timer named #1 CrossFit Clock by ezvid

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5 Ways to Add Training Time to Your Classes

As a gym owner/Coach, your members place their trust in you to wisely manage their time each session, ensuring they get the most out of the gym time they crammed into their already jam-packed schedule. How well are you doing at ensuring your classes are run efficiently? Are you wasting time that could be better spent training? Here are five easy ways to add more training time to your classes without actually extending them. 1.  Write the workout on the board beforehand This is a huge pet peeve of mine. You’ve probably experienced it before ­your Coach walks into the...

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App Update v2.2: Audio Sync, Warnings & Laps

The new version of the Flex Timer app brings three awesome new features! Audio SyncPlay your music as loud as you want without drowning out your buzzer or in-app audio!  With audio sync, music playing on the same device you are using to control your timer will automatically soften to allow you to hear the audio indicators for beginning/end of rounds and then raise back to full volume to keep you motivated during those grueling WODs.  Use a bluetooth speaker or plug your device into your sound system for complete audio bliss.WarningsReceive an audio warning when your round is near completion.  Great...

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App Update v2.1: Timer Sync

This is the biggest Flex Timer app update so far! In the latest version, we have added an in-app display for the time remaining/elapsed and current round/interval.  This display is available in both the mobile app and the smartwatch app and is synchronized with your LED timer.  Additionally, with an attached bluetooth HR monitor, the mobile app will showcase your heart rate and even change screen colors to match your level of effort. Another much requested feature - the latest version allows you to run the timer sounds through your phone or tablet.  This way if the buzzer of the LED display is not...

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App Update v2.0: Hands-Free

App Update Now Available We're excited to announce that a new version of the Flex Timer mobile application for iOS and Android is now available from the App Store and the Google Play Store.  Update today! WHAT'S NEW? With the latest version, we have really upped our 'hands-free' game!  We've made it possible to connect to different displays, choose from your list of favorite workouts, and start/pause/reset the timer from your watch app.  Plus, we now support Pebble in addition to Apple Watch.Going hands-free makes it incredibly easy to initiate and manage the clock during your workouts.  Once you start the clock,...

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