App Update v2.2: Audio Sync, Warnings & Laps

App Update v2.2: Audio Sync, Warnings & Laps

The new version of the Flex Timer app brings three awesome new features!

Audio Sync
Play your music as loud as you want without drowning out your buzzer or in-app audio!  With audio sync, music playing on the same device you are using to control your timer will automatically soften to allow you to hear the audio indicators for beginning/end of rounds and then raise back to full volume to keep you motivated during those grueling WODs.  Use a bluetooth speaker or plug your device into your sound system for complete audio bliss.

Receive an audio warning when your round is near completion.  Great for partner WODs when you switch partway through a round or just to notify your athletes that a round is coming close to the end or getting ready to startup again.  You can easily configure warnings when there are 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, or 120 seconds left.

This new timer mode joins our five standard modes and allows you to easily track rounds whose completion is based on the finishing of some amount of work, not on the elapsing of time.  When the workout starts, the play button turns into a lap completion button.  Simply press the button to complete the current lap and automatically start in on the next lap.  The LED timer will show the current lap number in blue and the current lap duration in red.  When the workout is complete, all the lap times are available for review.

Now there's three more reasons to love your Flex Timer.

Additional Improvements

  • Prompt to update clocks for daylight savings time

  • Choose between showing repetition or interval on the LED display when using Interval mode

  • Interval mode now supports up to 99 different intervals

  • Other minor bug fixes/improvements

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