Add motivation and accountability to your workouts

  • Crystal clear LED display

    The 13" Home Edition Flex Timer is equipped with 2.3" LED digits that are highly visible to keep you informed and motivated.

  • Simple and straightforward timer setup

    Our easy to use app has simple configuration screens so you can setup your timer, preview your workout, and then start it and forget about it.

  • No restrictions on your programming

    With almost a dozen timer modes, our app has every structure you can think of covered so that your workouts are planned exactly as you want them to be.

  • Save time and store your favorites

    Save your favorites workouts and then recall them with the tap of a button.

  • Never miss a work or rest cue again

    Start/end of round cues sync seamlessly alongside your loudest pump up jams. Our app automatically fades the music volume to ensure you never miss a cue again.

  • Push your limits

    Link a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and the Flex Timer periodically displays your HR to help you push your limits or control your pace.

It's About Time

Enhance your workout routine and take your home gym to new heights