Escaping the boredom of sets & reps

Escaping the boredom of sets & reps

Do you have a love-hate relationship with the gym?  Welcome to the club.

For most of my teenage years and pretty much my entire 20s, I hated working out.  H-A-T-E-D it!  Yet, I have recently launched a company dedicated to sport and fitness.

So what changed?

Interval training did.  I left behind the boring, monotonous world of sets and reps, workout machines and bench presses.  Instead, my workouts are now full of variety - from weight lifting, kettlebell work to running, rowing, skipping, and more.  I went from struggling to get to a gym once a month to building a home gym in the basement.

Impressive results in weeks

While having a more enjoyable workout is great, it's the results that matter.  Interval training has been shown to burn more calories and increase your aerobic capacity better than traditional continuous workouts.  Speaking from experience, interval training drove incredible improvements in my fitness level that helped me excel in other sports I play and improve my body image and give me more confidence.  And there is plenty of additional benefits too.

Is interval training for you?

Yes.  Interval training can be applied in many different ways.  There are high intensity regimens that perform large amounts of work in short bursts or there are lower intensity regimens that mix work and rest periods more regularly.  Regardless of the approach, interval training can be used to increase the variety of activities you perform in your workout and keep you focused increasing both the efficiency and effectiveness of your time in the gym.

Beyond intervals

Combining interval training with tracking your heart rate during your workout allows you to set the proper pace for your routine.  This will allow you to reach your max calorie burning effort level with more accuracy and keep you there longer.  As you continue to workout, your fitness gains will be reflected in your heart rate readings giving you additional motivation to keep going.

Getting started

The best part of interval training is that it can often be done with no additional equipment than what you are already using.   Simply incorporate a clock into your routine and use it to set periods of work and rest.  Mobile applications are a great start for tracking time and as you progress in your routine, adding a wall-mounted timer to your gym can be a great motivator and keep you moving.  Heart rate monitors can also be integrated into your workout for tracking progress and for helping you reach your target zone more efficiently.


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