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App Update v1.2: Favorites

App Update Now Available We're excited to announce that a new version of the Flex Timer mobile application for iOS and Android is now available from the App Store and the Google Play Store.  Update today! WHAT'S NEW? Favorites gives you the ability to easily save and load your workouts. From the main setup screen, simply configure a common workout and then can choose 'Save to Favorites'. You'll be prompted to name the workout and then it will be saved and available for you to use again anytime in the future.You can save an unlimited number of favorites with the first five showing in drawer...

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Escaping the boredom of sets & reps

FlexTimer GymNext Heart Rate Interval Training

Do you have a love-hate relationship with the gym?  Welcome to the club. For most of my teenage years and pretty much my entire 20s, I hated working out.  H-A-T-E-D it!  Yet, I have recently launched a company dedicated to sport and fitness. So what changed? Interval training did.  I left behind the boring, monotonous world of sets and reps, workout machines and bench presses.  Instead, my workouts are now full of variety - from weight lifting, kettlebell work to running, rowing, skipping, and more.  I went from struggling to get to a gym once a month to building a home gym in the basement....

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